Hate going clothes shopping because clothes never fit?

Feel like you’re constantly on a diet but never lose any weight?

Know you need to do something about it now before it’s too late?

Want someone to GUARANTEE you will get the results you want?

Look no further as the ‘Guaranteed Results’ Bootcamp is the only bootcamp in South Essex that GUARANTEES you’ll blast fat, reshape your body and drop a clothes size in just 28 days!



Imagine….. Wearing clothes you haven’t been able to fit into for years… Feeling comfortable & proud of your body… Packing a BIKINI for your next holiday… Feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and full of energy!!!

It doesn’t matter if you have one stone to lose or three, we will teach you how to eat and exercise properly to speed up your metabolism so you are still burning calories for hours after the workout has finished.

It’s not a ‘faddy diet’ and there’s no starvation; these ‘diets’ fail because they are not sustainable and they actually slow down your metabolism making it harder and harder to continue to lose fat meaning you will almost certainly put all the weight back on and more as soon as you stop the ‘diet’.

My healthy eating plan is a simple easy to follow guide clearly setting out exactly what you need to do over the four weeks.

!My name is Vicky Hitchens and to be totally honest I have never been overweight or fat, but for years I was extremely unhappy with my body. As a child I was a very competitive gymnast training 5-6 days a week which meant I was actually very fit and healthy, but to me I thought my ‘muscular frame’ looked fat, chunky and manly. I hated wearing dresses or nice clothes and only wore jogging bottoms, T shirts and sports clothes and absolutely refused to have my picture taken. In fact, seeing a picture of myself made me want to cry. Once I gave up gymnastics I decided I didn’t want to look like this anymore. I became obsessed, I starved myself and exercised for hours on end every day, I lost just over 2 stone and was bordering on having a pretty serious eating disorder and still hated my body! I hid it from everybody as I felt like nobody would understand how bad I was feeling about myself and was completely stuck in a rut with my terrible eating habits – or lack of them – and didn’t know how to stop.

Me at 18 feeling fat & chunky & hating my body

Me at 19 far too skinny but still hating my body

Throughout all this, I was training as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. The more qualifications I did – especially the ones relating to diet and nutrition – the more I realised what harm I was doing to my body. I slowly started to change my eating habits, introduced ‘nutritious’ foods back into my diet and I became a ‘healthy’ weight and size and got my self confidence back.

Not only did this have an effect on my body, hair, skin and nails looking healthier, I started to feel amazing! I had so much energy! I became far more outgoing, energetic and positive, I became excited and enthusiastic about everything! I literally felt on top of the world!

This lead me to wanting to help others with their body hang ups and over time I developed my ‘Body TIME System’ (Body Transformation & Immediate Metabolic Enhancement System) to help others drop fat, lose weight, feel confident and proud of their bodies. Fast forward 7-8 years to today, and between me and my fantastic team of experienced fat loss instructors we help 100′s of people every single month drop fat, regain their health & change their lives!

Me now, a happy, healthy size 10!

If you are serious about losing weight, changing your body shape and want to become fitter, healthier and look fabulous…

This is the Bootcamp for you! 






Body T.I.M.E System
My Body TIME System has been developed and tweaked over years of personal experience as well as training and mentoring from industry leaders and experts into this proven fat loss method that guarantees results.

Body Transformation & Immediate Metabolic Enhancement System

T. Transformation.           Transforming the way you look and feel about yourself and the way you think about food,
exercise, nutrition and life.

I. Immediate.                    Giving you the body shape and results you want quickly by increasing the amount of fat you
burn in a session with specific ‘results based’ exercises

M. Metabolic                    Speeding up your metabolism so you are still burning fat for hours after exercise

E. Enhancement               Enhancing your life by making you fitter, slimmer, stronger, happier and full of energy, not
just a ‘quick fix’ for now but enhancing your life forever!

Hours of jogging or 100’s of sit ups will NOT give you the body you want but I know that this system WILL! Come and join lots of ‘like minded’ and motivated people just like you on our next Guaranteed Results Bootcamp…
Give us just 28 days of your time and we’ll give you a brand new body!

We GUARANTEE after following our Bootcamp program for 28 days YOU will be:
      Wearing clothes you haven’t been able to fit in for years…

Feel comfortable, confident and proud of your body…
Looking forward to packing a bikini for your next holiday…
Feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and full of energy!!!

In just 28 days you will be a whole clothes size smaller and feel fantastic! By signing up to the ‘Guaranteed Results’ Bootcamp this is our promise to you

In return, all we ask is the following commitment from you:
      Attend all 12 of the exercise sessions in the program

Commit to following the food program to the letter, sending us your food diaries on request or at any time you need advice
Give the food program & exercise classes 100% motivation, energy and enthusiasm
Support your fellow ’Guaranteed Results’ Bootcampers
Sticking together and working as a team will be vital to your fat loss success!
If after your first 28 days, you have commited to the program as stated above but you do not feel that we have delivered the commitment, energy, dedication and results we promised to you we will give you a full refund!

What have you got to lose… Other than a whole lot of fat, weight and inches?!

If you are thinking…“YES I want to feel fantastic and be a clothes size smaller”

Take action now, change your lifestyle and click on the ‘select your package’ button below

Places regularly sell out & MUST be booked in advance

“A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today”

I can’t wait to start working with you! Vicky x